Designer Taylor Murphy offers commercial, residential, and product design working out of his Austin, Texas studio. He has found that the spaces in which you play and live often inform each other and as such, should be a reflection of how you want to live your life.  Whether following a dream of opening your own business, creating an oasis in your private space, or simply adding a small piece of his perspective to your world- it is his goal to help you create your ideal environment. 

Within a given environment, both an appreciation of art and community collaboration is paramount when designing interior spaces. Taylor enjoys creating a connection with clients through listening to their experiences, breathing life into their visions and applying unique interests to the design process. He believes good design serves to integrate daily living and personal stories with your passions and interests to create authentic, usable space that reflects the client.

Taylor's aesthetic is a personal, felt response to the unique environment with which he comes in contact.  Color, form, and composition are integral when he looks at a new space. Taylor loves the contrast between contemporary and historical design; each with their own stories to be told. With a professional background in fine arts, the connection Taylor makes to ordinary objects and the story they may tell is unique from that of other designers. He believes in the importance of using function to inform sculpture in addition to using texture, color, and print to inform furniture layout and utilitarian design. In his many years of design, Taylor has learned to never underestimate the power of an emotional reaction to a space.

Photo: Kate Zimmerman Turpin